Smart detective novels for smart kids

Three cases for Bo and his friends!

"Okay, you'll get the million..."

Bo can't believe his ears. What did Dad just say on the phone? Who was the mysterious caller? What million was he talking about? Overhearing a call by chance puts Bo and his friends YoYo, Simon and MM on the trail of a blackmailers' gang. With ingenuity and courage they get closer and closer to uncovering the criminals' secret. What they don't realize is that the noose is tightening around them as well...

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Giant Blue, the world's fastest computer that MM's Dad built, has been stolen!

The police have no leads. Bo and his friends YoYo, Simon and MM will have to investigate on their own. When they finally come up with something, it is, of all people, one of their own that puts them all in mortal danger...

"If he isn't back by 8:00 pm, we'll call the police."

Bo's school trip is heading for a bad end. One of his classmates has disappeared without a trace! The police start searching with the K9 squad and helicopters - in vain. A tire mark in the woods brings Bo and his friends YoYo, Simon and MM on the right track. But the adventure soon turns into a nightmare. Their missing classmate is not the only victim that an unscrupulous gang has it in for.